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A&E Testing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shawndra Products™.  For more than 30 years, Shawndra Products™, Inc. has provided air and gas filters for critical industrial applications.  

See below for some of their main product lines.  

Shawndra Products filter vessels are designed to serve a wide range of industries including natural gas, chemical processing, and power generation. We offer efficient systems that are safer to operate and offer enormous operating savings over the industry-leading systems.

Shawndra manufactures quality direct replacement elements for Dollinger, Consler (Graver), Ingersoll-Rand, Atlas Copco, IFM, Sunshine, Endustra, Universal Silencer, NAFCO, and many others. Shawndra™ provides lube oil filters, sewn end filters, panels, and a full line of molded-end filters.

The R100™ is a slug-catcher, coalescer, and particulate filter vessel in a single unit. The R100™ offers filter element life up to 30 times that of the industry leaders and is quickly becoming known as a best-in-the-world product.

These housings are available in a variety of inlet and outlet sizes, with configurations in both enamel and finished carbon steel, 304SS, and 316SS.  

Vacuum filters offer exceptional protection similar to Shawndra's pressure vessels. They are fabricated from rugged enameled carbon steel. Any model can be modified at your request to more exactly fit your needs.

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